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DS-E1 set

DS-E1 Happy days with music I used to listen to it with DENON's station blur, so I used many types of MC, including the genuine DL-103. Since the DN-308F is equipped with an equalizer amplifier, there was no need to prepare an equalizer amplifier or preamplifier. MC listening with the equalizer of DN-308F is fun with this, but I still feel the age. Recently, I considered the introduction of DS-E1 on the occasion of converting SAEC's 407/23 to a pure straight titanium pipe. If you borrow an E1 listening device and listen to it, it will listen to only music while being more neutral than any cartridge you have ever heard. You have to be prepared for a considerable expense when upgrading the MC and phono equalizer amplifier, but the DS-E1 is a set of cartridge and equalizer, and this price is really surprising. It is difficult to make the sound into letters, but in the low range, the resolution or subduction is drawn properly, and when you listen to Bronberg's bass, you can understand the fingering and scale firmly rather than letting it be heard in the atmosphere. The drum solo at MJQ's pit-in live Rosary, and the repeated hits of tamtam, bass drum, and bass drum do not... view more

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DS Master1& ION-001 Vinyl ionizer

After some thought, I introduced DS Maste 1 when I started analog again. If you want high-quality sound with MC & Phonoiko, you will need to invest many times more. After the introduction of DS Master 1, the analog sound quality exceeded that of digital playback on dCS, and we had to replace it with the company's successor model. It is a sin-making product. I used a static elimination product from another company, but the effect of the ION-001 ionizer is outstanding, the SN is improved, and the amount of information and spatial reproducibility are significantly improved. The price is not cheap, but considering the effect, it can be said that it is an essential item.

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DS-W2 set

I bought the DS-W2 two years ago. I've used many MC cartridges so far, but the W2 sounds quite different from those MC cartridges. It is a natural and realistic sound without coloring. The resolution is high, and it reproduces precisely and realistically from low to high frequencies, but the W2 does not feel the unique sound of the cartridge. With MC cartridges, there are characteristics depending on the range, and you can feel the unique coloring of the tone, but this W2 does not feel that tendency. The sound engraved on the record is reproduced with high freshness as it is. The sound is just natural and full of dynamism. Compared to SACD, it is not inferior in sound quality. When I realized that, I had to dispose of all the MC cartridges I had. Some of them cost hundreds of thousands of yen. I thought, "If you have this W2, you don't need anything else." I've been quite happy with W2 for the last two years, but recently I'm getting lost. I heard the high evaluation of GRAND MASTER released by DS Audio this summer. If you listen to GRAND MASTER, you will surely like it. It's not an easy price to buy, what should I do?

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2021/12/9  DS Audio factory tour video is released

2021/11/8  Stereophile DS003 review is released

Stereophile DS003 review

“DS Audio’s DS003 photo-optical cartridge with the matching energizer delivered the complete menu of elite cartridge perks including super-silky silences, taut, tuneful, textured bass, and a vivid, Leica focused midrange that no digital source could hope to match. Sincerely recommended.” Herb Reichert, Stereophile November 2021
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2021/9/15  Hi Fi News review

Hi Fi News review

“The DS 003 shows emphatically how trickle-down technology benefits the customer, while maintain a pecking order. As close as it is to the mind-boggling Grand Master, enough differences ensure that the two can co-exist: the DS 003 is the more lively of the two, the Grand Master the more subtle. That said, if you can afford a Grand Master, buy it. If you cannot, the astonishing DS 003 will still blow your mind”
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2021/8/9  Golden EAR 2021
Grand Master Cartridge Wins Two Golden EAR Awards!

“As I just said, the DS Audio Grand Master optical transducer comes closer to the sound of R2R tape than any other phono cartridge on the
market.A Grand Master-piece” Jonathan Valin“It would be hard to think of anything grander, at least when it comes to LP reproduction, than the new DS Audio Grand Master. This superlative device truly represents a revolution in analog playback, liberating LPs, as far as possible, from any residual dynamic constraints to strut their stuff. ” Jacob Heilbrunn

2021/7/9 Grand Master review by absolute sound

“Ken Kessler said something he seldom says about products under re- view. To wit, this is possibly the best cartridge he’s ever heard.
I hate to be a copycat, but…ditto.”

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2021/6/25 DS Audio products review by Sonic Flare
He describe our products technology and the sound correctly please check it.

2021/6/17 DS Audio new catalog is available

DS Audio 目录2021(6.4M)








2021/6/10 Grand Master被用在杂志封面上

”毫無疑問,Grand Master是光電唱頭技術昇華的超級靚聲之作,以42萬港元的零售價而可以買得到如此超水準的光電唱頭和擁有超重量級分體電源供應的唱頭放大器,左計右計我仍然覺得頗為化算。不過除了負擔得起這個高昂售價之外,你還要有適當位置來擺放這兩件重磅器材,同時與其他傳統唱頭也不能共容,準用家需要作出一番思想鬥爭也矣”


2021/3/18 DS003

2021/3/18 Youtube posting started


2021/1/18 Grand Master review is released

“The Grand Master is so truly supreme in resolution, transparency, spatial recreation, neutrality and any other parameter I can name that it’s impossible for me not say what I usually try to avoid: ‘This may be the best cartridge I’ve ever heard.’”  Ken Kessler Hi Fi News 2021

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2021/1/15 Grand Master promotion video is released


2020/1/7 Grand Master review


2021/1/6 New DS-E1 review is released 









“if you value sonic purity, supple textures, commanding bass reach, and impressive dynamic scaling, the DS-E1 will almost certainly tickle your fancy. Its transient fidelity, almost unparalleled quietude, and superb retrieval of low-level musical detail won me over. As I shared with Garth Leerer in a recent email, I am keeping the DS-E1 as my new reference. It represents shockingly good value in a world where five-figure cartridges no longer shock, and it sounds great.” All review is here.








“The Master1 cartridge and Master1 equalizer are simply outstanding components, setting new benchmarks for vinyl playback in several areas (mechanical silence, neutral voicing, and midrange-to-midbass realism).” – Jonathan Valin (The Absolute Sound)  All review is here

2020/7/13 Grand Master开始销售

Grand Master brochure
Grand Master features
Grand Master ad design

2020/6/28 ION-001 Vinyl ionizer评论

2020/5/12 DS-E1评论 

DS Audio 最超值的光學類比唱頭

“2019 年慕尼黑音響展上,日本 DS Audio 正式發表 DS-E1 光學唱頭,我恭逢其盛拍了影片,不過最近才有機會試聽,而且差點就還不回去了,因為實在聲音太棒,價格又落到可以入手的區間,差一點點就壓斷理智線出手了。”
“買?不買?好掙扎,但聽過 DS-E1 之後,我肯定這絕對是 DS Audio 自家最超值的一款唱頭,DS-E1 具備極為乾淨的音樂背景,能讓音樂的層次感拉得更開,中高頻華麗的色彩,與寬闊的音場呈現,都是 DS-E1 迷人之處,而且,這個價格不是只買唱頭,而是連專用唱放都一起買了。假如您擁有過 MM 與 MC 唱頭,那麼您更應該試試「第三條路」:光學類比唱頭,它那安靜的音樂背景與開闊豐富的音樂細節,絕對值得收藏。”


2020/4/6 ION-001评论 


2020/2/25 ION-001评论 

2020/2/5新DS Master1照片
我们更新了DS Master1照片,请检查一下。

2020/1/29 ION-001影片
2020/1/23 DS-E1電影


2020/1/16全新DS Master1評估

Positive feedback Brutus Award2019
“我可以說,從一開始就和長期使用DS Master 1所獲得的結果無非是驚人的。”
“過去二十年來,許多轉盤,音臂和盒式磁帶來了又去。坦率地說,我認為我聽過的唱片回放沒有NVS和Durand Tosca主持的DS Audio DS Master 1更好。為了提高聲音的透明度,清晰度,細節和純淨度……使凹槽聽起來像母帶……DS Audio DS Master 1在2019年首屈一指”

2020/1/9 DS-W2聲音(WAV 24bit 192kHZ)

“ DS Audio最新的光學盒帶/唱機級組合DS-E1價格雖然低,但性能卻遠遠超出了預期。它保留了高端型號的大多數主要音色特徵,並具有DS-E1在背景噪聲水平,瞬態速度和音調準確性方面僅略低於傳統分辨率,在價格相近或更高的情況下,都領先於傳統換能器。 DS-E1已成為當今模擬齒輪市場上最暢銷的產品之一,它的大量錄製良好的鋼琴音樂將很快消除任何疑問。強烈推薦。”

“我從未審查過像DS Audio DS-W2那樣具有戲劇性體驗的產品。”

2019/11/7 ION-001展台高度信息


2019/11/7 ION-001設置示例

2019/10/17 DS音頻視頻

RMAF的2019/9/7 EMM Lab光學盒式均衡器
EMM Labs Inc.在RMAF上展示了他們的光學盒式均衡器。該均衡器與DS Audio盒帶完全兼容。
Stereophile article here
Audiobeatnik article here 

埃德·梅特納(Ed Meitner-san)談到光學墨盒均衡器項目。(16; 45-)

2019/9/3 DS-W2照片

2019/9/3 DS Audio目錄2019
我們發布了2019年新的DS Audio目錄,其中包括DS-E1&HS-001&ION-001。請檢查一下。

DS Audio目錄2019(所有產品3.4M)
2019/8/26 DS Audio廣告設計
您可以從此處查看DS Audio廣告設計。

2019/8/23 ION-001使用手冊






我們上傳了新的HS-001 Solid Headshell照片。

Hi-Fi Critic(UK)的2019/6/28 DS002評論

“ DS-002聽起來很沉穩,而且控制得非常放鬆,”,“它具有強大的動力,非常透明。”

2019/6/21 ION-001演示視頻

2019/6/19 DS-W2自發布以來獲得最高分(德國雜誌)

↑AUDIO雜誌的墨盒評估清單頁面。 DS-W2獲得125分,並更新了墨盒類別的全球最高得分。
”這經常使我無語。但是,DS Audio DS-W2從唱片中得到的東西實際上是在模仿任何描述。
在動態性和透明度方面,我從未聽說過我的生活會更好。 ”

波蘭雜誌發布了2019/6/10 DS-W2審查

“人們可以寫下DS Audio系統完全安靜的事實”

2019/5/29 ION-001慕尼黑演示視頻(香港雜誌拍攝)

2019/5/23 DS-E1評估

“將DS Audio E1光學盒帶和均衡器稱為基準價格為3000美元是很容易的。我認為這很容易成為基準價格的兩倍,甚至三倍。”
2019/4/25 ION-001乙烯基離子發生器小冊子發布


2019/4/25 ION-001乙烯基離子發生器
我們將在慕尼黑展出ION-001。(Atrium4廳F126和Hall2 E10)

2019/4/24 Hi Fi新聞DS-E1評估
Hi Fi新聞DS-E1評論發布。

HiFi新聞2019,Ken Kessler                                                                                                                                                  

DS Audio繼承了Master Master技術,繼承了他們對音樂的熱情和熱愛。
我們很榮幸地向您宣布我們的DS音頻盒式磁帶DS Master1。
我們相信DS Master1可為您帶來光學盒帶技術的終極功能,並且音質在各個維度上都可以達到。
DS Audio首席執行官青柳哲秋