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DS-W1 ※Discontinued product

DS-W1 ※Discontinued product

DS-W1logo       DS-W1 Optical cartridge +Equalizer set

Optical cartridge got [2014 Analog Granprix] special award in Japan

DS-W1 show photos↓
Optical cartridge DS-W1 with Air Force two           Optical cartridge DS-W1
DS-W1 Equalizer (front1)                         DS-W1 Equalizer (back side1)
DS-W1 Equalizer (front2)                               DS-W1 Equalizer (back side2)
DS-W1 Equalizer (spike foot)                             DS Audio Case
DS-W1 got a highest point in Germany major two magazine 1,the point is highestpoint record!
They called it as a World sensation,and they use DS-W1 as a top reference cartridge.
DS-W1 got a highest point in Germany major two magazine 2,the point is highestpoint record!
DS-W1 point is 120 point,and they said DS-W1 is a totally another level.
DS-W1 got RMAF HIFi press award 2016.
The award was selected by 16 worldwide HI Fi press companies.
DS-W1 have received Cartridge of the Year 2016 from Hi Fi plus magazine.

DS-W1 reviews

 STEREO review.pdf          Audio review.pdf                HiFiNews review.pdf

absoliutesound review.pdf    Streomagazine English.pdf    dagogo review link  

1 FIDELITY-online-rot-e1443463826590
Mono and Stereo review link                   FIDELITY ONLINE link

sample files

you can listen DS-W1 with AMG turntable sample audio files here.↓ 


DS-W1 introduction manual, Needle cover attachment manual

DS-W1 introduction.pdf  Needle-cover instruction manual.pdf

Optical cartridge descriptions

Optical Cartridge description.pdf